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CHI 2016 Conference Course

Visual Analytics 101
Loving HCI work but looking for something new?  Come and see if the world of visual analytics will keep you challenged.

We invite HCI researchers and practitioners to join us to learn about an exciting domain. Visual analytics encompasses data, algorithms, interactive interfaces and sense-making help.  Not only are there interfaces to design and evaluate but we have challenges in obtaining requirements, determining metrics for evaluating the utility of the software and constructing evaluations.  We work in domains in the sciences, law enforcement, intelligence analysis, health, and finance to name a few.  The course will be… READ MORE »

Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users and Creating Communities

CHIFOO’s 2016 Speaker Series, Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users and Creating Communities, invites researchers, designers, and developers to have conversations about stories of projects and challenges wherein a rational, user-centered approach yields results that seem less-than-rational.

Designers are often told the users seek easy answers which are arrived at rationally. Said users are bound by predictable, limited amounts of time, knowledge and interest. They are bound and are understood by bounded rationality.  The influence of psychologists and economists has trained us to frame solutions with this precept. Bounded rationality belies the experiences of delight and frustration in users and, perhaps,… READ MORE »

Program: "Faulty By Design: A Psychological Examination of User Decision Making" with William Gribbons, PhD

7:00 pm Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Connective DX

Vector Image of William Gribbons, PhD by Avocational Design
The psychological variables influencing decision making and highlight how these factors affect a user’s performance navigating the decisions embedded in our products. Bill will offer examples of how user experience designers can address Complex decision exceeds our thinking capacity, facilitating more effective decisions through a variety of design practices.


Program: "A Media For A Chorus Of Voices" with Ward Cunningham

7:00 pm Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Connective DX

Vector Image of Ward Cunningham by Avocational Design
Ward talk about the reinventing Wiki and how distributed internet’s idealistic founding with technological innovation has brewed since its inception. While venture money chases unicorns were happy to build trilobites because we’d be happy to inform the future even if we don’t own it.


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Gamestorming - A Review by Gary Smith

If you are currently practicing design and are tired of using the same three or four techniques for the extraction, organization and presentation of material pertaining to your projects this book is worth having on your shelf. I know of one in our midst who has successfully used several of these techniques on a recent project. If you are looking for a higher-level approach to your design conundrum you won’t likely find it here.

A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers
by: Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo

Paperback: 288… READ MORE »

2015 CHIFOO Program Series

Gamefully Employed - Innovation at Play

What does it mean to “play”?  Families enjoying board games, children facing off in the street, or users staring glassy-eyed into virtual landscapes delivered via arcade, console, desktop or hand-held device?

“Play” refers more to engagement than traditional notions of entertainment. We can no longer ignore the utility of games in areas as divergent as customer loyalty and protein synthesis.

Game-inspired design delivers value that vastly exceeds its entertainment aspect. Designers and developers are increasingly employing techniques found in game theory and production. They win the hearts and influence the minds of consumers through manipulation that’s subtle to outrageous.

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