May 1, 2013
8:00 pm

August de los Reyes, Samsung


The Emotion Commotion: 2013 Redux

This talk revisits a framework for thinking about design and emotion introduced in 2007. A little over half a decade later, design has advanced to being one of the key differentiators in the business arena—namely for its power to forge strong emotional bonds. In other words, design helps experiences kick ass. How does one measure such a seemingly unquantifiable trait? This talk addresses this question with the second chapter of our story.

The competitive environment for technology is changing, and its impact on experience design is deep: capabilities, features, and functions are no longer enough. Emotional engagement will distinguish successful consumer experiences of the future. Designing in this world requires us to change the way we think about people and products. This presentation provides a brief overview of a counter-intuitive emotional design approach and its application to one of the hallmarks of the next phase in interaction design: Natural User Interface.

?About the Speaker
August de los Reyes (@augustdlr) is a designer. He lives in Silicon Valley and works for Samsung. Previously with Microsoft, his teams helped design Windows 8, Surface, and the design language formerly known as Metro. He is a graduate of Harvard and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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May 07, 2013
3:41 pm

My notes form August’s talk:
@augustdlr August de los Reyes

Many, many benefits of being a member of CHIFOO.  Current projects include:

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Nancy Hoffman does the intro to the series “Quantifying Kick-ass”.  TIme to be thinking about next year’s theme and possible speakers.

Next month there is a special CHIFOOd—where the food is free to both CHIFOO members and a member who is not a member.

Kick-Ass = Emotion.
Theory part is a redux of a 2007 talk.  Practice is recent / current.

August designed the “windows key”—took 6 months. 

a counter-intuitive: doing the opposite is what will make you happy.  a Seinfeld episode.  The conversation leads back to Huizinga—element of play being the center / core of all community.  The aesthetic imperative. 

Prickly vs. miasmic types of people.  Dialectic.

Marvin Minsky rejection of dualism between the rational and emotional. 

What are emotions?  Using James-Lange theory of emotions.  “an emotion is a label, a conclusion.” 
Mechanics : dynamics : Aesthetics . model—cogs.
Designer thinks—>  but the participant thinks things in the other direction.

High bridge study—interaction with a phony lab assistant changes subjects “experience” or “emotion” radically.

Halo example.  Halo was the first successful 1st person shooter game using a joystick.  Designer calibrating the dynamics between shanp-to-target and Direct Relationship. 

Measuring emotion in 5 easy steps… In the laboratory.

  * Using cross-modality matching. 
  * Assume emotion is a vector
  * Measure the mechanics
  * Record the simple mechanics
  * Measure correlation

Measure how “foreign” an accent is.  How positive or negative was your experience of peeling a carrot with different peelers.

We are not designing experience, we are designing triggers that we hope will cause an experience.

Issue of how “magic” evolves, arises or disappears over historical time.

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