Workshop: "Fieldwork 4 Human Computer Interaction" with Sara Bly and Françoise Brun-Cottan

12:00 pm Sunday, October 5, 2014
ISITE Design Office, 2030 NW Pettygrove, Portland, OR

Fieldwork for Human Computer Interaction: A 4-Part Workshop on Ethnographically-Informed Fieldwork

A growing number of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researchers and practitioners use the results of fieldwork to guide the design and evaluate the user experience of interactive systems and technologies. Why? Because data about real people in real situations spurs creativity and innovation around practical challenges, resulting in more useful and usable artifacts.

Fieldwork for HCI typically consists of firsthand observations made in the naturally occurring environment of use (as opposed to studies performed in a controlled environment). Many techniques are adapted from anthropology – particularly ethnography.

As the mobile app and manufacturing industries grow in Oregon, UX designers are increasingly recruited from out-of-state. The Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon - CHIFOO - recognizes a local need for more basic training in this area.


Program: "Art of Articulation" with Lee Fain

7:00 pm Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Products, services and technology have a political gauntlet to conquer before they make their first appearance in the marketplace. Often the first line of defense in a corporate environment is the internal audience and invested key stakeholders.

Developing the solution is not enough. How you communicate the idea is just as important as the solution itself. Communicating your approach at the right time with the right mediums, and using the right level of fidelity to motivate the audience into action is an art. One needs to be an effective persuader. One needs to be a provocateur.


Results from CHIFOO Institute of Design Interest Survey

The CHIFOO Institute of Design Research Committee was intended to gauge the interest in the local CHI/UX community’s interest in a formal continuing education program, potentially sponsored through the CHIFOO organization.


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Gamestorming - A Review by Gary Smith

If you are currently practicing design and are tired of using the same three or four techniques for the extraction, organization and presentation of material pertaining to your projects this book is worth having on your shelf. I know of one in our midst who has successfully used several of these techniques on a recent project. If you are looking for a higher-level approach to your design conundrum you won’t likely find it here.

A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers
by: Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo

Paperback: 288… READ MORE »

2014 CHIFOO Program Series

Tell Me a Story: How Storytelling Methods Help Create Better Products and Experiences

Stories have always defined our world, from the scene depicted by the first person who painted cave walls to the tall tales recounted around fires. They have continued to evolve with their purpose remaining the same: To entertain, to share common experiences, to teach, and to pass on traditions.

Today’s communication methods are radically differently from those fireside talks. Our fragmented information travels across various mass-media channels and is delivered through ever-changing technology. It has become watered down, cloned, and is churned out quickly in 140-character blurbs. We’ve lost that personal touch where we find an emotional connection that makes us care. This series of…

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