July 26, 2012

Results from CHIFOO Institute of Design Interest Survey

The CHIFOO Institute of Design Research Committee was intended to gauge the interest in the local CHI/UX community’s interest in a formal continuing education program, potentially sponsored through the CHIFOO organization.

The response was very good and seems to indicate a strong interest in the development of a good resource for professional UX training.

Conclusions presented in this survey:

The nature of this survey was exploratory, and the results indicate that it is worthwhile to pursue additional feasibility analysis into the possibility of designing a CHI/UX continuing education program in the Portland area. The initial survey indicates:

  • There are practitioners clustered in the “experienced” (10+ years’ experience) and “newbie” (0-4 years’ experience) categories. The ideal educational program will accommodate both advanced and entry-level professionals.
  • Professionals tend to wear dual hats as project contributors and project leaders, indicating the need for both technical and leadership skills.
  • Key business challenges include:
    • Communication and teamwork (including getting stakeholders to understand CHI / UX, leadership and facilitation, “pitching” ideas)
    • Formal grounding in best practices (being able to defend decisions with facts)
    • Training on specific technical aspects (nuances of interface design, mobile, analytics, etc.)
  • Respondents feel increasingly challenged by time and resource constraints, especially specific to training. The ideal program would be both cost-effective and convenient.

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